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Introduction To Clogging

In this series of videos, you'll get a taste of what to expect in your first few clogging classes.You can either use these videos as a preview of your first clogging class or as a revision of beginner classes you are currently attending. For the latest Beginner Intake dates at our classes, click here.


There is no need for clogging shoes if you are trying these steps out at home. In fact, your socks will work well as it will give you a good feel for the parts of your feet that should come in contact with the floor.   

To watch in full screen, click on FULL SCREEN (square box at the bottom right of each little video below.) 

Please note that there may be slight variations in the routines used in class. The progression of steps will be approximately the same but sometimes we mix up the routines so that students that are re-attending the beginner weeks will have something different. The cued routines are danced at the recommended speed so when you are first starting out, use YouTube settings to slowdown playback speed until you are comfortable with the steps. 

Week 1 - Fundamental clogging moves

Week 1 - Cold Heart (Steps & Cued)

Week 1 - About Damn Time (Steps & Cued)

Week 2 - Moves Like Jagger (Steps & Cued)

Week 2 - Shivers (Steps & Cued)

Week 3 - Classic (Steps & Cued)

Week 3 - Fancy Like (Steps & Cued)

Week 4 - Acapulco (Steps & Cued)

Week 4 - Love Not War (Steps & Cued)

Practice Videos

Here are a few repetitive videos to provide extra practice if needed.

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