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11 May 2022 - Showcase Nominations

It's that time of the year again when we try out a few routines to decide which one will be our State showcase. In Australia, we have an annual National Clogging Convention where each state presents their showcase routines. Everyone present at the convention votes on their favourite and the winning routine is added to our National Dance List for the year. In Queensland, nominated routines are sent out to all the clubs and each club gets a vote on which one they would like to represent our state. The one with the most votes will be our state showcase for the year. So today, we tried three of the four nominated routines for Queensland. Of course, we don't share cuesheets for these yet as the other states are also in the process of figuring out their showcase. Just a little friendly competition between the states haha! Here are the other routines we danced at class.





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