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12 March 2024 - Meet Sascha!

To celebrate our amazing clogging community this March, we'll be introducing some of the wonderful people we meet in class. Meet Sascha! She first saw clogging at the Kenmore Village Shopping Center and has been part of the class in Kenmore for 1 year. Here's a little more about Sascha...

Favourite aspect of clogging?

It's hard to pick just one! It's a complete mental break from the busyness of the week, and it not only keeps your body active but is a great activity to keep you cognitively sharp, enjoying the laughs with others in the class, and, we have an awesome teacher who helps make the class fun!

One thing you'd like others to know about clogging?

The pressure is off having to remember steps to routines, as each step is 'called' for you.

What's a tip you would give a newbie?

There are heaps of videos on the website to help with practicing certain steps if/when needed.

3 words to sum up clogging for you?

Fun, social, fitness




Powerful Women



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